Food supplement for a healthy looking skin with pomegranate extract, gluten-free wheat extract, vitamins and zinc. At night your body regenerates after the hardships of everyday life. Support it with a unique source of night care and restoration. Valuable essences from nature, vitamins and antioxidants support the natural regeneration of your skin while you sleep. They will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and glowing. Night Skin Spa is a source of beauty coming from within. A natural and unique composition of antioxidants, Vitamins and minerals provides intensive renewal while you sleep. Pomegranate and wheat extracts regenerate and revitalise the skin, improving its firmness and reducing wrinkles. Zinc and Vitamin E protect cells against free radicals (oxidative stress). Vitamin C helps in the correct production of collagen, and B12 and folic acid. ▪ intensive renewal during sleep ▪ restores skin’s radiance ▪ improves its firmness and reduces wrinkles ▪ contains regenerating ▪ revitalising pomegranate ▪ wheat extracts ▪ suitable for vegans Take 1 tablet nightly with a glass of water and a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. SUITABLE FOR VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN

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